“Join the Adventure” with Author Julie Griffin

Join the Adventure with Julie, as she Gives Books to School Children

BellaFor author Julie Griffin, the adventure is so much more than writing entertaining children’s books. For her, the adventure begins as she performs school readings of the books she writes – and gives a copy of her book, Cristina Gradina, The Girl with Ten Busy Toes, to children for their own!

The response to her story has been so powerful; Julie was driven to begin regular School Readings at elementary schools across Denver. Julie also began work on another book, Bella the Baker Street Baker, due to be published in 2013.

The Turning Point – When it Became More Than Just the Writing

The real turning point came when, after a school reading, Julie handed a copy of her book to a little boy whose eyes lit up with excitement. He had obviously enjoyed the reading – plus getting out of class for a while – but he also got a book of his own! Now, Julie’s goal is to place as many books as possible into the hands of other school children, sharing her own love of reading and books.

Inspiration Hit Julie Again and the Book Giveaway Began

The concept is truly simple. For every book sold, Julie is able to give away 2 books to school children who may never have owned a book of their own otherwise. By buying a book for your child today, you enable the gifting of more books to kids who may not have the opportunity for someone to buy them a book.

A Unique Way to Give Away Children’s Books

Can you imagine how it would feel to help a child learn to love books – and reading? Are you looking for a bigger way to give back and help others? What if you were the reason a child held up a book and called it, “Mine!”?

Julie’s Book Giveaway works like this …

  • Buy a book for your child today
  • Enable Julie to continue with her School Readings Program – at no cost to the schools
  • Allow Julie to give away 2 books from the sale of the book you buy
  • Help more school kids learn to love reading – and owning – books

Join Julie in the adventure of giving back and making a difference!

Experience the excitement and joy that comes from giving a child a book they can treasure. Buy a copy of Cristina Gradina today and support this book giveaway that is helping more children love reading – and books.

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