Meet Cristina Gradina, the Girl with Ten Busy Toes

Christina GradinaInspiration for Cristina originally came from her brother, a music teacher, who had wonderful stories about the students he’d worked with over the years. However, the stories were all in his head, and Julie realized that, because she had a knack for writing, she simply had to put them to paper. Further inspiration came from meeting author and publishing mentor Judith Briles and, boom, Julie became an Accidental Author.

Cristina Gradina is the story of a little girl whose toes love school so much they slip out of her shoes one day and create chaos in the classroom – until the teacher restores order by giving the toes time-in. The colors are vibrant, Cristina is adorable, and her toes are as busy as ten little bees.

From the first words, “Cristina Gradina was a bit of a girl … with big dark eyes and her thoughts in a whirl” the young reader (or the adult reading it) will giggle with delight. Cristina has a set of toes that are out of control and this spunky redhead is trying–oh she is trying–to control the lot.

It’s a wonderful book. The illustrations are vibrant and a hoot. The perfect gift. I loved this book.” ~ Judith Briles, Author, and Mentor to aspiring authors

Cristina is a happy girl, both at home and at school, who is also helpful and sweet. Yet, when her toes hear the school bell ring, chaos reigns.

Christina Gradina…they set themselves loose

They passed along pencils
they handed out papers

They organized shelves
and they straightened stencils

They were busy and bustling
and they tried to be neat

But they just plain forgot
that they were part of two feet

Finally, as the teacher regains control of the class, and the toes, Cristina and all of the other children in class are relieved and happy to get back to learning with her toes in her shoes.

The 24 page, hard-cover book is a delightfully entertaining rhyme, with wonderfully colorful art work by illustrator Don Sidle, appropriate for young children, and their parents, up to age six or seven. With over-sized glossy pages, the colorful illustrations will hold the attention of any young child, while the text is large and easy to read.

Julie feels extremely fortunate that every sale of Cristina Gradina on Amazon also allows her to also give each one of those happy kids a book to read and enjoy many times over.

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