Meet Bella the Baker Street Baker

As with her first book, Cristina Gradina, the Girl with Ten Busy Toes, author Julie Griffin has created a delightful new character for children to love, in Bella the Baker Street Baker.

Bella the Baker Street BakerBella is the story of a girl who loves many things in life, yet none so much as baking. Whether a cake, a pie, or cookies, Bella will bake “all of this just for you.”  With gorgeous illustrations again contributed by Don Sidle, to help your children visualize Bella and her love for baking, the rhyming story is appropriate for children 6 to 9 years old, as well as their parents.

As young as she is Bella knows that everyone loves baked treats, and she is more than happy to create them for everyone she knows.

Like all young girls, Bella has a passion for many things, most of them shiny and bright…

Bella the Baker Street baker
Loves buttons and ribbons and bows
and bright, shiny rings,

Little birds that can sing
and flowers and paint on her toes

Yet, in spite of the delight she experiences with such pretty things…

BELLA THE BAKER STREET BAKERBut what Bella loves most
More than jelly on toast

More than laughter and
Sunshine and Spring

Is not found in the sky
or the wink of an eye

Nor a splash in
a warm, Summer lake

Quite simply, our Bella just loves to bake…

BELLA THE BAKER STREET BAKERSo, give her some room
for her bowls and her spoons

And a tune
she can whistle or croon

Then she’ll frost a cake high
make a sweet apple pie

And bake cookies as
round as the moon

The 24 page, hard-cover book is a highly entertaining story in rhyme, with wonderfully vibrant art work by illustrator Don Sidle, appropriate for young children, and their parents, up to age eight or nine. Printed with over-sized glossy pages for easy reading and sharing with the kids, the colorful illustrations will hold the attention of every child, while the text is large and easy to read.

Julie feels extremely fortunate that once published, every sale of Bella on Amazon will allow her to also give each one of those happy kids a book to read and enjoy many times over.

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