The Accidental Children’s Book Author

Though an avid reader since childhood, as well as writing short stories and poems for personal fulfillment, Julie Griffin describes herself as an “accidental children’s book author.” Two of her writings have received acclaim from the Denver Woman’s Press Club annual writing competition, with a 1st Place in 2012 for short story fiction and a 3rd Place for poetry in 2011; but it is the publication of her children’s book, Cristina Gradina, The Girl with Ten Busy Toes, that has made Julie feel like a “real” author.


Happily married for many years and the mother of five grown children, it was a story told to her by an older brother that inspired her first printed children’s book, Cristina Gradina. Now, with eight grandchildren and numerous great nieces and great nephews, inspiration for her writing seems to be everywhere. With the encouragement of author and mentor Judith Briles, along with acclaimed illustrator Don Sidle, Julie continues to create new stories for children, with a new illustrated book, Bella the Baker Street Baker, and Jack and The Bean Chair, scheduled for publication during the summer and fall of 2013, respectively.

School Readings and Book Giveaways

Julie gave her first classroom presentation of Cristina Gradina when it was still in rough draft form. She likes to volunteer her time reading the finished Cristina to young students, from pre-school to 4th grade, while sharing the writing process from “beginning to book.” She loves explaining the writing and publishing process to her young audiences, seeing the amazement and delight on their young faces. And, as word of her school readings has passed from teacher to teacher, her audience is growing, as is the age-range of the children for whom she is reading. Her new book, Jack and The Bean Chair, is written for a slightly older audience of middle grade children.

Julie feels extremely fortunate that every sale of Cristina on Amazon also allows her to also give each one of those happy kids a book to read and enjoy many times over.

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